Conferences in November - World Lake Conference

Bea Bartalovics has recently successfully presented her results at the World Lake Conference

Tombor Eszter | 2023.12.20.
Conferences in November - World Lake Conference

Bea Bartalovics, master's student of subproject 5B of the Multidisciplinary National Laboratory for Climate Change (ÉMNL), has recently presented her results about chironomid composition changes from the core of Siófok Basin in the form of an oral presentation at another conference. The history of the World Lake Conference (WLC) which would be organized in Balatonfüred on 7-9 November this year, dates back to 1984. The biennial conference became a globally recognized, world-class event that gives researchers the opportunity to share their results and exchange experiences about the sustainable management of lakes. The examination of the chironomid fauna from the Siófoki basin core is part of the paleolimnological analysis of Lake Balaton, targeting the reconstruction of the ecosystem transformations from the last 500 years. In her presentation Bea compared the chironomid assemblage identified from the Siófok core with the results of Keszthely and Szemes basins. A significant faunal change was observed at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 20th century in all three cores: the earlier transformation still needs to be explained, while the reasons for the 20th century’s changes are assumably population growth, more intensive agricultural production and the wave of holiday home construction without wastewater networks after the Treaty of Trianon which induced human-caused eutrophication in Lake Balaton.

Bea Bartalovics is a student at the University of Pécs and carries out her research work as part of her professional internship with the support of the ÉMNL project.

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