Energy geography and planning research group

Department of Environmental and Landscape Geography
Head of the research team :
Dr. Béla Munkácsy

geography – in its complexity; energy geography; environmental management

Previous research topics – key results
  • “This way ahead ” 100% energy scenario for the development of a renewable energy-based energy system
  • Bükk-area energy geography research (energy storage; development of small-town district heating systems; heat pump heating and demand-side control
Active research topics:

Energy geography research in the Bükk region

 International projects:

Climate Change Performance Index
UN IPCC jelentések szakmai támogatása
UNIDO World Small Hydropower Development Report 2022

International conference participations

4th International Conference On Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating – Aalborg 13-14 Nov 2018
Smart Opportunities for Rural Communities in 2021-2027 – 3rd Smart Communities Academy – Legénd, 15-16 April 2021
5th Energy and Society Conference – Trento 10-12 February 2021

International relations

Aalborg University (Dánia);
Centre for Alternative Technology (Wales);
Stockholm Environment Institute (Boston – USA);

Major international publications – WoS/Scopus

Soha, Tamás ; Papp, Luca ; Csontos, Csaba ; Munkácsy, Béla. The importance of high crop residue demand on biogas plant site selection, scaling and feedstock allocation – A regional scale concept in a Hungarian study area. RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 141 Paper: 110822 (2021)

Campos, José ; Csontos, Csaba ; Harmat, Ádám ; Csüllög, Gábor ; Munkácsy, Béla. Heat consumption scenarios in the rural residential sector: the potential of heat pump-based demand-side management for sustainable heating. ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIETY 10 : 1 Paper: 40 (2020)

Csontos, Csaba ; Soha, Tamás ; Harmat, Ádám ; José, Campos ; Csüllög, Gábor ; Munkácsy, Béla. Spatial analysis of renewable-based hybrid district heating possibilities in a Hungarian rural area. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT 28 pp. 17-36. , 20 p. (2020)

Soha, Tamás ; Munkácsy, Béla ; Harmat, Ádám ; Csontos, Csaba ; Horváth, Gergely ; Tamás, László ; Csüllög, Gábor ; Daróczi, Henriett ; Sáfián, Fanni ; Szabó, Mária. GIS-based assessment of the opportunities for small-scale pumped hydro energy storage in middle-mountain areas focusing on artificial landscape features. ENERGY 141 pp. 1363-1373. , 11 p. (2017)

Study visits to foreign universities between 2016 and 2020

Aalborg University, Dánia, 2018.09 – 2019.01, Erasmus+ szakmai gyakorlat

Aalborg University, Dánia, 2020. április 20 – május 6. ‘Advanced Energy System Analysis on the EnergyPLAN Model’ (online)

Members of the research team:

Dr. Munkácsy Béla
teacher, environmental management
topic: multidisciplinary energy planning








Soha Tamás
Geographer MSc
doktor candidate
theme: spatial energy planning using GIS methods







José Campos
Electrical Engineering (BSc), Environmental Research (MSc)
PhD student
theme: Sustainable energy planning and demand-side control (DSM) capabilities in the residential sector through heat pumps, heat storage and intelligent solutions.








Harmat Ádám
Area and urban development geographer (MSc), renewable energy expert (postgraduate training)
doctoral research topic: solid biomass sustainability









Csontos Csaba
Landscape and environmental research geographer (MSc), media communicator in natural sciences (postgraduate training)
PhD student
research topic: Energy geography assessment of the domestic feasibility of district heating services based on renewable energy sources









Nagy Bence
Geography and Biology Teacher
PhD Student
Topic: Climate Change and Education