Judit Alexandra Szabó

PhD canditate

E-Mail: szabojuditalexandra@gmail.com

Office: 1.210/a, Southern Building, Lágymányos Campus

Postal Address: Eötvös Loránd University, 1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter stny 1/C

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Research interest

The soil erosion involves three main processes: aggregate breakdown, transport and sedimentation. Although it looks like simple, it is a selective cycle where the erosion/deposition ratio, the particle and aggregate size distribution of the transported sediment depends on actual energies influenced by external factors. The factors (kinetic energy of the rain, slope steepness, surface roughness and moisture content, soil crust etc.) are not independent and change dynamically by space and time.

My research concentrates on the influence of the moisture content, slope steepness and crust on the selectivity. Therefore I examine the changes of particle size distribution and soil surface roughness (GIS) in case of different soil states with rainfall simulator.

Current projects

 ÚNKP 2018/2019

Soil erosion and rare earth element tracing possibilities during laboratory rainfall simulations.