Zoltán Szabó

PhD student

Phone: 1/3722500/1808


Office: 1.302, Southern Building, Lágymányos Campus

Postal Address: Eötvös Loránd University, 1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter stny 1/C



 Biogeography of the Carpathian Basin (BSc)

GIS I. (MSc)




Palaoenvironmental and paleoclimate reconstruction based on midge (Chironomidae) in the Carpathian Region


Research interest

Under the research, I examine the midge larvae of the Late Glacial, Holocene and antropocene sections of the alpine lakes from the Carpathian Region. The chironomids is a good indicator of the change in July’s air temperature, I use quantitative temperature reconstructions with surface calibration data series from the composition and the changes of fauna. During my work, I would like to explore the climatic trends in the Carpathian Region both in the Late Glacial and in the Holocene. Additionally, the inclusion of surface sediment samples and the associated water chemistry and climate parameters contribute to the clarification of the local (Carpathian) calibration dataset under development. During my work, I learn the research methodology of sub-fossilized chironomid larvae. In addition, I hope to contribute to a more accurate understanding of the local variation of global climate change and its effects on the Carpathian Region.