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Munkácsy Béla (2018) Energiaföldrajz és energiatermelés. ELTE TTK, 2018, 135 p.


Tamás Soha, Béla Munkácsy, Ádám Harmat, Csaba Csontos, Gergely Horváth, László Tamás, Gábor Csüllög, Henriett Daróczi, Fanni Sáfián, Mária Szabó (2017): GIS-based assessment of the opportunities for small-scale pumped hydro energy storage in middle-mountain areas focusing on artificial landscape features. Energy 141, pp. 1363-1373. 


Damaged landscapes caused by mining are common in middle-mountain areas in Europe. At the same time, they can be considered not only challenges but also opportunities in terms of land use and energy management. Middle-mountainwater reservoirs could be also used as new elements of a sustainable and flexible energy system. However, until now − as far as the authors know − no research examined the possibility of pumped hydroelectric energy storage for areas with the above-mentioned characteristics. The aim of this paper is to fill this gap with developing an adaptable, geographical information systembased methodology and implement it in a study area where the previously mentioned conditions are highly observable. In the course of the work, three different model versions were mapped. With applying the methodology in a sample area covering 1324 km2, the analysis leads to the conclusion that at least 1590 MWh and at most 1700 MWh worth of electricity could be stored theoretically in the total of 15 upper reservoirs. The average reservoir surface could be 7.85 ha, which is a rather low value considering existing pumped storage practices, which would greatly facilitate integrating the new bodies of water into the landscape and natural ecosystems.