Gergely HORVÁTH, PhD

Gergely HORVÁTH, PhD

Gergely HORVÁTH, PhD

Lecturer in our department: 2006-2015.

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English (intermediate), German (intermediate), Russian (basic)


1974: Secondary school teacher of geography and mathematics  (Eötvös Loránd University)

1975: Cartographer (Eötvös Loránd University)

1974-1977:  Map editor, Cartographic Company


1977-1978:  Primary school teacher

1978-2003:  Lecturer at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Teacher Training, Eötvös Loránd University (until 1985 the name of the institution was Ho Chi Minh Teacher Training College, Budapest Branch)

1978-1983: College assistant lecturer

1983-1992: College senior lecturer

1985-1988 Research Fellow at the Geographycal Research Institute (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

1992-1997: College associate professor

1997: College professor

1998-2002: Deputy Director General

2003-2006:  Lecturer at the Department of Geography (Eötvös Loránd University)

2003-2006: Head of the Department  of Geography, Colleege Faculty

2006-2015: Lecturer at the Department of Environmental and Landscape Geography (Eötvös Loránd University)


  • Introduction to geography
  • Cartography in Geography
  • Nature conservation
  • Physical Geography of Asia
  • Physical Geography of America
  • Physical Geography of Australia and Oceania
  • Crisis zones of the Earth
  • Natural and landscape values of the Earth

BSc course thesis topics

  • Geoparks and their significance
  • Geoscientific values of World Heritage Sites and their role in spatial development
  • Natural values of remote continents
  • Environmental impacts of mining
  • War conflicts on Earth and their causes

MSc thesis topics

  • Landscape geography studies in small areas of Northern Hungary
  • Methods for the identification of natural landscape values
  • Landscape potential of small landscapes and regions
  • Impact of human activity on landscape change in a landscape unit
  • Restoration potential of degraded landscapes
  • Crisis landscapes of distant continents

Doctoral training

ELTE Doctoral School of Earth Sciences (supervisor, lecturer)

ELTE Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences (supervisor, lecturer)

Doctoral topics

  • Landscape change studies at small landscape scale
  • Qualification of natural and landscape values
  • Anthropogenic landscape changes and their potential for restoration
  • Landscape planning and spatial development


  • Landscape geography of Hungary, especially of the Northern Central Highlands
  • Natural and landscape values
  • Landscape change
  • Regional geography of Inner and East Asia, in particular geography of China



 1995-1999 OTKA: Complex subsurface analysis of the Bears' Plain (Theme leader)

1998 and 2000 Austrian-Hungarian Action Foundation: student fieldwork in the Alps (topic leader)

1998 OM College Tender: Institutional-level studies and developments for the further development of practice-oriented teacher training (subject leader for the faculty-level tender)

2000 Hungarian Academy of Sciences: support for the Dénes Balázs scientific session (theme leader)

2000 Pro Renovanda Cultura Hungariae Student Exchange Foundation: Hungarian-Portuguese student exchange workshop (theme leader)

2000 OM Experimental College Tender: Institutional-level studies and developments for the further development of practice-oriented teacher training at college level II (topic leader of the faculty-level tender)

2000-2003 Faculty Enrichment Award Program: Canadian Studies (Theme Leader for the Instructional Development proposal)

2000-2001 Hungarian-Portuguese bilateral intergovernmental S&T cooperation: Landscape and Environmental Change in Hungary and Portugal (Theme Leader)

2001-2003 OTKA: Landscape assessment of the Medves region from a nature conservation and tourism perspective (Theme leader)

2001 ARION: Teacher training in Europe (educational development study tour)

2001 KAC: Inventory of the natural assets of the Bear Valley (Theme leader)

2001 KAC Public Environmental Task: Organisation of a workshop on Soil Effect on Karst Processes (Theme leader)

2001-2004 István Széchenyi Scholarship

2001 Experimental college grant: Institutional-level studies and developments for the further development of practice-oriented teacher education and mentor training (topic leader for faculty-level grant)

2002 National Environmental Science and Nature Conservation Research Competition: Natural Values in the Bears' Woods (topic leader)

2003 Hungarian-Portuguese bilateral intergovernmental S&T cooperation: Landscape and environmental changes in Hungary and Portugal (Theme leader)

2004 Hungarian-Chinese bilateral intergovernmental S&T cooperation: The impact of the environment on landscape development, with special reference to karstic areas (Theme leader)

2005-2009 OTKA: Micro-, meso- and macro-forms of erosion in the Medves region, with special reference to the evolution of sandstone gorges (Theme leader)

2004-2006 Geographical Information Systems Applications for Schools - EU Minerva Action (outer evaluator)

2008-2012 ReSOURCE - Exploring post-mining potentials in Central Europe - EU-InterReg Action (scientific panel member)



  • Member of the Hungarian Geographical Society and member of the Board of Directors
  • Member of the Hungarian Geodesy, Cartography and Geodesy Society
  • Member of the Hungarian Geological Society
  • Member of the Hungarian Karst and Cave Research Society
  • Member of the Hungarian-Chinese Friendship Society and member of the Board of Directors
  • Member of the Geography II. Committee of the MTA
  • Chairman of the Education Subcommittee of the Geography Committees of the MTA
  • President of the Hungarian ProGEO Association
  • Member of the Hungarian National Committee of IUGS
  • Editorial Board Membership Editor of the journal Geographical Publications
  • Member of the editorial board of the journal International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education
  • External reviewer of the journal Geographie und ihre Didaktik (GuiD)


1995.  Pro Geographia Memorial Page (from the Hungarian Geographical Society)
1998.  Trefort Ágoston Memorial Plaque (from the Eötvös Loránd University)
2000. Memorial for Teacher Education (from the Faculty of Teacher Education of Eötvös Loránd University)
2000. Dénes Balázs Memorial Medal (from the Hungarian Geographical Museum)
2004. János Esterházy Award (from the Selye János College)
2012 . Sándor Kőrösi Csoma Medal (from the Hungarian Geographical Society)

1991 China (3 months)
1992 Riga State University, Latvia, Baltic States, Soviet Union (21 days)
1994 Germany (DAAD, 2 months)
1995 Yerevan University, Armenia, Soviet Union (21 days)
1996 Albania (14 days)
1997 University of Helsinki, Finland (14 days)
1999 University of Porto, Portugal (14 days)
1999 Iran (24 days)
1999 USA (26 days)
2000 Canada (Faculty Enrichment Programme, 33 days)
2000 University of Porto, Portugal (TéT, 14 days)
2000 Nanjing University, China (19 days)
2001 University of Porto, Portugal (TéT, 14 days)
2001 Norway (ARION, 7 days)
2003 Turkey (20 days)
2004 Vietnam (10 days)
2004 China (TéT, 15 days)
2005 Tunisia (14 days)
2006 Germany, University of Trier (ERASMUS, 5 days)
2007 Malaysia (14 days)
2008 China (21 days)
2009 Iceland (14 days)
2009 China (10 days)
2009 Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam (23 days)
2010 Israel (14 days)
2011 New Zealand (22 days)

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