Zoltán SZABÓ

Zoltán SZABÓ

Zoltán SZABÓ

assistant lecturer

PhD student

departmental Neptun administrator


DT. 1-302 (1808)

E-mail: zoltan.szabo199@gmail.com, zoltan.szabo@ttk.elte.hu


List of publications

The Hungarian Scientific Bibliography (MTMT)


Geographer, Landscape and Environmental Research (2018)

Earth Scientist, Geographer (2016)


Doctoral School of Earth Sciences – Geography-Meteorology programme (2018–)

Thesis: Chironomid based palaeoenvironmental and paleoclimate reconstruction in the Carpathian region

Profile in the Hungarian Doctoral Database (doktori.hu)


German (intermediate)


Geographical Information Systems and Applications I (MSc)

Geographical Information Systems and Applications II. (MSc)

New trends in landscape research (MSc)

Water Quality, Water Protection (lecture and practice) (MSc)

Nature conservation (Pr) (MSc)

Introduction to the study of cultural landscapes (MSc)

Biogeography of the Carpathian Basin (BSc)

Introduction to Landscape Geography (BSc)

Historical Geography of the Carpathian Basin (BSc)

Processes of Landscape Change (BSc)

Biogeography (Pr)

Environmental systems (IK MSc)

Landscape research I és II. (Env. MSc)


Environment and Climate Change Research Group (2018–)

MTA-MTM-ELTE Paleontological Research Group (2018–)

Hungarian Geographical Society (2019–)

Hungarian Hydrological Society (2019–)

Hungarian Society of Natural Sciences (2019–)


1st September 2020 – 31st August 2022

Cooperative Doctoral Programme Doctoral Student Scholarship (KDP-2020)

Project title: Integrative method development for river water quality assessment in Hungary

1st January 2020 – 31st December 2021

National Research Development and Innovation Office 2019-2.11-TÉT-2019-00034 Chironomid based palaeoenvironmental and paleoclimate reconstruction in the Carpathian region) with foreign partner Tomi P. Luoto, (Helsinki University, Finland)


Campus Mundi (Short Study Abroad)-University of Portsmouth-Sabine Wulf (UK)

Research topic: Mastering analyses and methodology of cryptotephra (volcanic ash) layers


Erasmus – 2 weeks (Cluj-Napoca) Babes Bolyai University – Róbert Begy – 14 surface samples of a lake

Research: Extension of the Carpathian chironomids dataset (training set) by including lower altitudes lakes

Recognitions, awards


16th Carpathian Basin Conference for Environmental Science, Environmental Geography section 1st place


23th Hungarian Palaeontological Conference, PhD Student Section 1st place


XXXIV National Scientific Student Conference (OTDK) Earth Science Applications Section III. place

22th Hungarian Palaeontological Conference, PhD Student Section 1st place


XVI National Higher Education Environmental Science Students' Conference (OFKD) Waters section I. place

Special prize of the Hungarian National Committee of the Ramsar Convention and the Ministry of Agriculture



Faculty of Natural and Environmental Geography TDK 1st place

Faculty of Environmental Sciences TDK participation

Main publications

Magyari, Enikő Katalin, Mihály Gasparik, István Major, György Lengyel, Ilona Pál, Attila Virág, János Korponai, Aritina Haliuc, Zoltán Szabó, and Piroska Pazonyi. 2022. “Mammal Extinction Facilitated Biome Shift and Human Population Change during the Last Glacial Termination in East-Central Europe.” SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 12 (1). doi:10.1038/s41598-022-10714-x.

Tóth, M, O Heiri, I Vincze, M Braun, Z Szabó, and EK. Magyari. 2022. “Limnological Changes and Chironomid-Inferred Summer Air Temperature from the Late Pleniglacial to the Early Holocene in the East Carpathians.” QUATERNARY RESEARCH 105: 151–165. doi:10.1017/qua.2021.36.

Buczkó, Krisztina, Enikő Magyari, Zoltán Szabó, and János Korponai. 2021. “Gomphonema Angustivalva (Bacillariophyta), a New Diatom Record for Romania.” STUDIA BOTANICA HUNGARICA 52 (1): 41–49. doi:10.17110/StudBot.2021.52.1.41.

Z. Szabó, K. Buczkó, A. Haliuc, I. Pál, J. Korponai, R.-C. Begy, D. Veres, T. P. Luoto, A. R. Zsigmond, and E. K. Magyari, “Ecosystem shift of a mountain lake under climate and human pressure: A move out from the safe operating space,” SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, vol. 743, 2020.

E. Magyari, I. Pál, I. Vincze, D. Veres, G. Jakab, M. Braun, Z. Szalai, Z. Szabó, and J. Korponai, “Warm Younger Dryas summers and early late glacial spread of temperate deciduous trees in the Pannonian Basin during the last glacial termination (20-9 kyr cal BP),” QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS, vol. 225, 2019.

Vincze, W. Finsinger, G. Jakab, M. Braun, K. Hubay, D. Veres, T. Deli, Z. Szalai, Z. Szabó, and E. Magyari, “Paleoclimate reconstruction and mire development in the Eastern Great Hungarian Plain for the last 20,000 years,” REVIEW OF PALAEOBOTANY AND PALYNOLOGY, vol. 271, 2019.

Megyeri Balázs, Szabó Attila, Selmeczy Géza, Korponai János, Magyari Enikő, Varga Bence, Vágó Csaba, Szabó Zoltán, Székely Sándor. Fogarasi-Havasok: hegyvidéki múltfeltárás. A FÖLDGÖMB (1215-8690): 37 3 pp 58-71 (2019)

Scientific public activity


Zoltán Szabó – Research, impacts and consequences of climate change – Geogruppe 2004, Corvinus University, 2020.03.06


Day of the Explorers, MTA-MTM-ELTE Quaternary Palaeoecological Research Group volunteer